Creamy Tomato Soup with Ravioli

Creamy Tomato Soup with Ravioli |

When my parents moved away from New Jersey, I was sad for a few different reasons. No more quick weekend trips home whenever I was feeling needy, no more easy access to a car, having to find a new dentist, like an adult. Ya know, just some truly devastating inconveniences. But one thing I’m really missing in this cool, fall weather that’s finally arrived, is my favorite soup from Market Basket in Franklin Lakes, NJ – creamy tomato soup with ravioli.

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A Pinch of Summer: Tomato, Cucumber & Ricotta Crostini

Tomato, Cucumber & Ricotta Crostini |

I did that thing again where I just disappear from my blog because I lack focus and also go to the beach a lot. I guess we’ll all just have to accept that I’m a big ole flake at the end of summer. Continue reading

PBR Steamed Mussels

PBR Steamed Mussels

One of my favorite dishes to order in a restaurant is moules frites. Succulent little mussels in a delicious broth with really great fries and bread to sop up the sauce – heavenly. It’s a simple dish, but one I don’t often make at home. With the exception of shrimp, seafood is something I don’t really mess with. There’s the potential of sandy bites and fishy flavors. But what I’ve been realizing is that cooking is something I work at constantly, bit by bit (or should I say bite by bite?) and I look for challenges with each recipe I tackle. So why shy away from making one of my favorite bistro dishes due to some silly fear of failure? That’s why I made a big ole batch of mussels for my friends on Sunday night.

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Pasta All’Amatriciana

Photo Dec 08, 1 11 57 PM

a good hostess always keeps her guests waiting while she takes photos of the food.

I love Sunday night dinners. That’s one of the things I miss most about not living at home (let’s be honest; I’m still home for many Sunday night dinners).  So, every now and then, I like to have people over for a nice meal and a few pinches of wine on a Sunday.

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Spicy Tomato Soup with Blue Cheese

Photo Oct 23, 3 33 58 PM

The season of soups and stews is upon us, and this year I’m ready to fully embrace it. I don’t know what got me so jazzed for soups all of a sudden. Maybe it’s because I got a Le Creuset last Christmas and haven’t been able to use it regularly yet. Maybe it’s because I’ve been perusing my Pinterest during the changing of seasons and found some intriguing recipes (see here, here, and here). Maybe it’s because soup makes great leftovers and I’m getting sick of a kale salad for lunch every day. Either way, I made my first batch of homemade chicken stock last weekend and boy am I itchin’ to use it.

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Mozzarella, Prosciutto, & Tomato Pasta


It’s the end of summer – a glorious summer full of grilling and sand and cheese and a Vermont lake. I’m sad to see it go, but my favorite season is around the corner, so I can’t complain. Before I start eating everything pumpkin, apple cider, and maple syrup though (seriously, I’m already planning all of that out – Happy Not Even Fall Yet y’all!), I thought I’d bid the summer of 2014 adieu by making a big bowl of summer pasta for some friends.

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