Kale, Farro & Prosciutto Salad

Kale, Farro & Prosciutto Salad | apinchofthis.nyc

There is perhaps nothing more luxurious than being a lady (or fella) who lunches. An LWL, if you will.

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Produce & Productivity: Summer Salad Dressings

roasted garlic salad dressing | apinchofthis.nyc

Listen up, y’all. I have something important to say. Just because it’s Sunday and you’re all alone, that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself a Sunday night feast. And just because it’s 90 degrees and brutal outside, that doesn’t mean your feast can’t include a roast chicken. I won’t let any of that stop me. No way, no how. Either way I’m roasting a chicken. (You can expect this to be the title of my first memoir.)

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