Say “Birthday Cheese!”

all cheese from murray's cheese shop. meats from murray's cheese and brooklyn kitchen.

all cheese from murray’s cheese shop. meats from murray’s cheese and brooklyn kitchen.

Dang, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. As soon as everyone came out of hibernation, social schedules across the city exploded. So, I fell off the face of the internet and into the real world full of birthday parties, spring cleaning, and Mother’s Day. I’ve taken pictures of more humans than food lately and most of what has come out of my kitchen has been vegetable salads because, ya know, health, and summer is coming. (Hahaha, do you get it? Game of Thrones joke! Do you get it now? Ok, good.)

wine, cheese, and cat glasses - because that's all i ever want.

wine, cheese, and cat glasses – because that’s all i ever want.

One of those birthday parties was, in fact, mine. I celebrated my birthday at the end of April and I got one of the funniest, slyest, and I have to say, sweetest gifts. A few of “my guys” (ie. the dudes that I assist around the office every day) used both my love of cheese and my tendency towards gullibility to send me shopping for my own birthday gift.

chorizo, salumi, fruits

I actually did bake bread* for this occasion, late on a Monday night. So no blog post.

The day before my birthday, I was fed a story about some “parents coming into town,” “celebrating an anniversary,” and “loving cheese.” There was also a direct quote of, “If anyone knows cheese, it’s you.” So I was asked to go to Murray’s Cheese Shop, a short walk from our office, to shop for cheese.

And why would I say no to that?


I picked out a Vermont cheddar from Cabot (duh), a smoky blue, a perfectly stinky goat cheese (also from Vermont), and something similar to a Manchego. All the makings for a great cheese plate – a variety of cow, sheep, and goat cheese**. Some soft, some hard. Some stinky, some mild. I was so excited to think what these anniversary-celebrating parents thought of the cheeses I picked. But…

…The next day, after being showered with flowers and prosecco from some of the best co-workers a girl could ask for, I was presented with a cold FedEx box. And it was full of the cheese I had so carefully picked out the day before.

blue cheese and honey over a slice of baguette or apple are my favorite parts of a cheese plate.


So. I had a few gals over to eat cheese and drink wine because that’s just what you do when your bosses give you cheese that you picked out yourself for your birthday. It was a beautiful evening and quite a spread. I don’t have any recipes for you today. But I have photos of cheese and wine and a night spent out of the kitchen and amongst friends. Because that is what warm spring nights are made for.

makin' moves on some cheese.

makin’ moves on some cheese.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another social engagement to keep. See you with a recipe soon, I promise!

a roof with a view.

a roof with a view.

* I baked this bread. It’s my go to homemade baguette recipe because it is so easy and delicious.

** Of course, I forgot to save all the labels so I could tell you exactly what kind of cheeses I got. Oops.

I think a good cheese plate has different cheese, meats, some nuts, some fruits, and maybe some bright green, young olives. You can also check out what Gaby likes, what Ina likes (of course), or what Sydney likes (I’m also a big fan or Marcona almonds on a cheese plate).

6 thoughts on “Say “Birthday Cheese!”

    • What a great idea this email gave me. Read it on the bus home and stopped at the corner market to buy a couple different cheeses and a baguette ,the wine I always have ready and waiting. Thx Tory for your cheery inspirations and recipes. Cheers from San Francisco

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